The Nature of the Beast

Holistic pet care, TCM and animal acupuncture, flower essences, feline behavior consultations, hospice or urgent care coaching for dogs and cats, and food sensitivity testing


6th year in a row award recipient for SF small business award for community service & service to customers. The San Francisco Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Source: San Francisco Award Program

The AdvoCat (also known as The Nature of the Beast) specializes in a humane, comprehensive and empathic approach to holistic pet care. We offer individualized herbals and medicinals (flower essences) for pets and their humans, feline behavior consultations, humane education, dietary coaching & recipes tailored for your critter's unique constitution & in-home hospice/critical care coaching.

Shanti Zinzi has also served as a TCM & acupuncture consultant for a local veterinary practice and performs acupuncture on patients. She utilizes natural Chinese medicine & many integrated natural paradigms for biomedical and psychotherapeutic healing for her patients.

All aspects of your pet are examined from distant medical & dietary history to current somatic & behavioral energetics. Each pet will also be assessed for his/her unique constitution, as well as age & breed propensities.

With more than two decades in the animal business, The AdvoCat prioritizes the soulful happiness and well-being of your companion offering the most natural & humane suggestions.

For our behavior patients, we focus on fulfilling your companion's unmet needs while providing gentle behavior modification.



Shanti Zinzi believes a truly integrated education & commitment to life long self cultivation is required to be a practitioner of the healing arts. She is graduate school educated in Somatic Psychology/behavior/ counseling and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her lifelong studies have been in eastern, western & internal arts. This spans from the creative arts to shamanism to ancient herbology.   She believes the earth, creatures and cosmos are intimately connected and approaches her cases from a very subtle place that honors this sacred connection.

She has worked for many wonderful veterinarians, interned at a holistic animal hospice, and strives to formulate a unique approach to the challenges that an allopathic & reductionistic paradigm fail to penetrate.

She belonged to the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants & is an attendee of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. She has an ongoing relationship in spiritual and medicinal studies from Tibetan Buddhism to herbalism and dietary therapies.

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