The Nature of the Beast

Holistic pet care, TCM and animal acupuncture, flower essences, feline behavior consultations, hospice or urgent care coaching for dogs and cats, and food sensitivity testing


6th year in a row award recipient for SF small business award for community service & service to customers. The San Francisco Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Source: San Francisco Award Program

The AdvoCat (also known as The Nature of the Beast) specializes in a humane, comprehensive and empathic approach to holistic pet care. We offer individualized herbals and medicinals (flower essences) for pets and their humans, feline behavior consultations, humane education, dietary coaching & recipes tailored for your critter's unique constitution & in-home hospice/critical care coaching.

Shanti Zinzi has also served as a TCM & acupuncture consultant for a local veterinary practice and performs acupuncture on patients. She utilizes natural Chinese medicine & many integrated natural paradigms for biomedical and psychotherapeutic healing for her patients.

All aspects of your pet are examined from distant medical & dietary history to current somatic & behavioral energetics. Each pet will also be assessed for his/her unique constitution, as well as age & breed propensities.

With more than two decades in the animal business, The AdvoCat prioritizes the soulful happiness and well-being of your companion offering the most natural & humane suggestions.

For our behavior patients, we focus on fulfilling your companion's unmet needs while providing gentle behavior modification.


  • Shanti Zinzi is a great combination of scientific/medical knowledge & pure compassionate heart energy.  She is by far the best pet care person I have ever worked with, and I recommend her without reservation...Our big beast of a cat is completely in love with Shanti and purrs like a kitten when she is near (as opposed to eviscerating growls when vet type people come near). In sickness and in health, Shanti is our go to pet care guru.                                                                                                                                               Shayla from Abundant Health Detox Day Spa SF

  • Shanti Zinzi is a feline miracle healer. She is the reason my kitty is alive today. Shanti was the miracle I was searching for. She is the reason my beloved Marina is still alive today. I still cannot fathom how this whole ordeal played out in ourfavor. She practically had stage 4 mast cell tumor and this was her third cancer   diagnosis!! Four years later and Marina is still in remission.. I'll never be able to thank her enough.                                                                                           Kristen Quinn Runway Model, Actress NYC, LA & Paris

  • Shanti Zinzi is the true unsung hero of animal advocacy and is affordable!  She will solve your pet problems and save you thousands in medical bill scams in the meantime.                                                Hida Viloria InterSex Society, US

  • Shanti helped me long distance with my two cats not getting along. She is very attentive, and a very talented cat behaviorist.                                                                                                                                           Tony Morante from the NY Yankees

  •  If your cat is sick, I would recommend Shanthi. If you simply want to keep your cat healthy, I would also recommend her. She's a font of wisdom; you'd be     surprised how little you know of cat care until she enlightens you.                                                        Caroline Paul acclaimed author and screen play writer

  • She doesn't simply tell you what to do, she brings you into the healing process.                                    Aldyth Beltane from All Creatures Healing Network

  • The two treatments for my dog engendered such dramatic change. My dog was SO happy. Her spirits were light and free. I cherish those sunny end days in my memory always. All thanks to Shanti. She resurrected parts of my pet I thought forever lost to the cancer. Shanti said she specializes more with cats, but i don't believe it, my dog Violet acted like she was an old crony and nuzzled her for treatment.                          Anna Dokko SF

  • Amazing, a kitten thought to have FIP and very close to death, thriving after a few weeks of acute holistic treatment..                                                                                                                                                    Toni from Toni's Kitty Rescue/ TKR

  • I had the pleasure of hiring Shanti several times for holistic assistance. The first was a foster cat in The Urban Cat Project. This particular cat had arrived near death. She literally brought back to life a cat who probably had 24 hours to live.  The second occasion I hired Shanti to provide life-sustaining care for my own cat. Without Shanti's help, my cat would have had to be hospitalized at 10 times the cost & a huge amount of stress. Shanti does a great job at healing the animals and the animal feel this and respond accordingly. Shanti has a very professional demeanor, great hands on talent and unique skills, and I recommend herwithout reservation. Anne Feingold from Urban Cat Project